Privacy Policy

Duenas Couros establishes this Privacy Policy, regarding the security of information, clarifying the processing of personal data of the user in an online relationship, through its electronic platform, hereinafter called Duenas Couros.
This instrument is in line with Law 13.709/2018 (General Law on Personal Data Protection and Law 12.965/2014 (Internet Civil Mark in Brazil), and may be revised as a result of possible legislative updates or at the discretion of the policyholder, reason for which is suggested to the user to regularly consult this collection.
When registering on the Duenas Couros platform, the user will also be aware of and accepting this Privacy Policy, which will be available for access on the platform; thus, it is important to read this instrument before feeding the Duenas Couros platform.

    The company Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP, qualified as data controller, collects data entered by the user when creating the account to be used, its alteration and during the provision of services or sale of the merchandise, in order to verify the authenticity of the identity of the user and manage the operation, data declared by the user or collected through data sources disclosed by third parties.
    Data can also be collected automatically, through electronic user interaction with the Duenas Couros platform:
    a) Through cookies (small file placed on the computer’s hard drive, which collects and monitors information in order to recognize the user), remembering that the user can refuse to accept cookies by activating the appropriate configuration option of their browser, but by selecting this option, the user may not be able to access certain parts of the Duenas Couros platform;
    b) By using the operating system or other electronic tool of the computer or device;
    c) Through public sources and third-party databases.
    The following data are collected:
    a) Personal data, such as name, email, ID, CPF, date of birth, telephone numbers, addresses, gender, profession, state registration and corporate name, CNPJ;
    b) Data inherent to means of payment, such as bank accounts and credit and debit cards;
    c) Data inherent to the identification of the user’s profile, including sensitive personal data, aimed at marketing the products or providing the services;
    d) Data from the user’s computer or device, such as IP address and equipment events.
    When using the electronic platform, the user declares himself for the veracity of his data and that of third parties and confirms their consent to provide it.
    User or third party data will be stored by the company Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP for the period necessary to complete the supply of the product or the provision of the service and for a supplementary period of five years, for the purposes of item 4.2, below.
    The processing of data collected by the company Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP will occur in harmony with the legislative framework of data protection and for the sole purpose of nurturing the following bases:
    a) Identification of users and their profile;
    b) Prospecting and marketing of products and services offered, as well as their respective development;
    c) Disclosure of content related to the activities of the company Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP.
    d) Evaluate and foster user interaction with the company Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP, as well as develop new forms of relationship (service channels, tools and content);
    e) “Business case” (disclosure and linking the user’s name and brand to the Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP platform, with the exposure of industrial techniques being prohibited);
    f) Prevent fraud against the user and third parties;
    g) Enhance the platform’s functionalities and development;
    h) Fulfillment of mutually established and legal contractual obligations.
    For the protection of the data of users and third parties stored, Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP will use security means (access controls, encryption, firewall, auditing, etc).
    Considering that no security system is infallible, Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP is exempt from any liability for any damages resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of the database, except in cases where there is intent or fault.
    The personal data obtained by Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP will be limited to professionals of the segments that effectively need them to carry out the purposes of the transaction
    Regardless of the security measures, Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP is not responsible for access to data resulting from external action caused by third parties which has not participated, it is not obligated to perform backup or contract antivirus software.
    It is the user’s obligation of confidentiality of information relating to access (login, password, security keys, authentication, or any other way implemented), as well as the operation on the platform.
    User data may be shared by Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP with third parties, in the event of business succession (in any modality) or contracting of data processing services with third parties/operators.
    Upon acknowledgment and acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the user will declare his consent to any transfer of data in accordance with the determination of the Public Authority, judicial, police or administrative determination, national or foreign, whose supply by Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP is mandatory.
    The Duenas Couros platform may provide access to third-party platforms. Thus, it is recommended that the user, when being redirected to external sites, always consult the terms of use and privacy policies before providing their data, as the responsibility belongs to those.
    Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP and directed third parties will be able to confirm the user’s data, consulting public and specialized databases, without this distorting the user’s statement.
    Colorpelli Comercio de Couros EIRELI – EPP and targeted third parties may send communications and advertising messages to the user who may opt to cancel the receipt.
    Duenas Couros assures the user the rights:
    a) Unrestricted access to data;
    b) Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
    c) Anonymization, blocking or deletion of data;
    d) Data portability;
    e) Revocation of consent to data processing
    Retro rights are reserved in the event of a legal or regulatory obligation or exercise of the right of defense in any body, and pursuant to item 1.5, retro.

Jaú, June 1, 2021
Colorpelli EIRELI Leather Trade – EPP